Arlo Duval

Orphan peddler, #1 dad, handsome hobo


Arlo Duval grew up as an orphan himself on the streets of Ashfell, living off the scraps in the darkest, dirtiest parts of the slums. He learned his charismatic and wily ways from the temple priests and other con artists working the streets. As a young child, he learned that there’s power in numbers, so it didn’t take him long to create a gang of misfits and urchins, and as he grew, he realized that small hands and innocent, doe-eyed faces were better for manipulating people and stealing coin than growing old and untrustworthy. So, Arlo Duval started his business of raising child orphans into thieves and created quite the profit. Children who lose their way or run away from home often end up in his hideout—an old, half-submerged abandoned bank in Brightwater.

Children who grow too old and useless under Arlo’s care get kicked out, and often form the criminal underground, though the strict force of the Old Town guards keep their numbers pretty low.

Arlo Duval

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