Callum Prescott

Young noble, hates his dad, Odd's bf


Blonde hair, blue eyed, handsome. Callum is 18 at the start of the game.


Callum Prescott is the only son of Truman and Eloise Prescott. He is well known among the noble youth for being handsome and intelligent, but is also infamous for his intense gaze and the general sense of wrongness one gets from being the focus of his attention. He is polite, refined, and graceful, but also aloof, terse, and narcissistic.

His relationship with Odd remains a secret to this day. His preoccupation with the tiefling may be due to the lack of affection from his parents, or the thrill of an illicit relationship.

Callum is skilled in music, dance, fencing, arithmetic, and etiquette. He dabbles in magic taught to him by a mysterious tutor.

Those who have known Callum for a long time would know of his intense desire to have control in all things. He was a loner as a child, as he preferred to read rather than get dirty or share his things with other children.

Callum one day plans on taking over Ashfell. He has a hatred for people non-human, believing them to be sinful.

Callum Prescott

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