Eloise Prescott

Truman's wife, Callum's mom, infamous floozy


Eloise is the typical noble wife; refined, master of etiquette, graceful. She has a bit of a reputation for having a sharp tongue, but some would say it defines her charm. She’s very intelligent and loves political maneuvering. Despite the age gap, she hopes one day that Callum will marry one of the governor’s daughters, securing the Prescott family a place in line to one day rule the city.

Eloise is as distant as a mother can get. She rarely speaks to Callum personally, even when they’re in the same room, preferring to communicate to him through a servant. She clearly sees him as a pawn rather than a son.

It’s a well-known secret that Eloise is entertaining an affair with the family bard, though Truman seems to have no idea.

Eloise Prescott

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