Enid's younger sister, Trainee Haven Ranger


Gwyn is about four years younger than Enid and the youngest child of Gerallt and Catrin. She has a close bond with Enid, who would often look after her while they were growing up. While her plan had always been to become an herbalist, an attack on Haven shortly before her twelfth birthday that left a ranger and two gatherers dead convinced her to become a ranger instead. She’s been in training for about eight months now and has been on a few short patrols in that time. Enid has asked her friend Elena to keep an eye on Gwyn when possible.

Gwyn is still learning some herbalism so that she can one day perform first aid for her patrol members while in the field. She loves her community and will do anything to keep it safe, but she wishes that Haven could relocate to be within the more protected parts of Ashfell and be openly accepted by (and accepting of) the people there.


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