9-year-old tiefling, adopted daughter of Urser



Age: 9
Height: 4’1"

Skills: Acrobatics, Deception
Languages: Common, Infernal, Elvish

Darkvision: Hasten can see in dim light within 60 feet of her as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. She can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of grey.
Hellish Resistance: She has resistance to fire damage.
Infernal Legacy: Hasten knows the thaumaturgy cantrip.


Hasten was saved from a watery grave as an infant, and subsequently adopted, by Urser. She knows nothing about her origins, and doesn’t much care to know; Urser is her father and that’s all that matters to her.

Ever since she started crawling, it’s been hard to keep Hasten still. She loves to climb anything taller than her, and spends a lot of time upside-down. Because of this, while Hasten loves stories, she has to have most of them read aloud to her because she won’t stop moving long enough to read them herself. She greatly prefers tales of grand adventures to anything in Urser’s dusty history texts.

From an early age, Urser taught Hasten that she was something called a tiefling, and there were those in the city of Ashfell who would do her harm if they found out what she was. He was very clear that they were wrong, that she was perfect exactly the way she is, that her horns and tail were not something to be ashamed of. But to protect her from more narrow-minded individuals, he makes her cover those defining features when in public, and told her to pretend to be a drow, and therefore sensitive to the sun.

So far, the disguise has held up, but mostly due to Urser’s diligence. Urser’s friends and colleagues bought the story, for Urser is known to be a truthful man. The rest of her past, Urser keeps close to the truth, claiming he found an abandoned baby and took her in, so she could have the father he never had. This is usually enough for whomever he’s talking to to nod sympathetically and stop asking questions.

Hasten hasn’t gotten many opportunities to talk to other local children, but when she does, she likes to show them her sharp teeth and try to convince them she’s a vampire. Thankfully, if this claim ever makes it back to the children’s parents, they don’t put much stock in the outlandish fib.

Most days, Hasten spends at the pottery shop with her grandmother, Felice, whom she calls “Gamma.” Felice is quite taken by the little girl, and has plenty of tasks to keep her busy. Hasten generally stays in the back with the kiln, where she’s allowed to keep her horned uncovered. Most recently, when Gamma’s out front, Hasten’s been attempting to throw pots upside-down, while hanging from one of the lowest rafters.

Sometimes, Hasten gets to accompany her father through The Greenwall and to the Durante’s manor. She loves these trips, and desperately wishes she could go exploring in the dense forests of The Greenwall. Unfortunately, Urser keeps a close eye on her and she hasn’t yet had the opportunity. She’s very envious of Harper, and his freedom to do, seemingly, whatever he wants. Harper’s fairy tales are a source of endless delight for her, and she always hopes they’ll run into him as they’re passing through.

Urser was initially very reluctant to introduce Hasten to the Durantes, but it was inevitable that Eloenn would find out about Hasten’s existence eventually. To his relief, they were accepting of her presence in their house, and her nature as a tiefling. Fennaen will sometimes give her one of his inventions to play with (though Urser has had to intercept many of these gifts because they were too delicate or too dangerous). Hasten loves playing with the toys when she can get her hands on them, and calls Fennaen “Duranssir,” a slurred version of “Durante, sir.”

Hasten likes Eloenn well enough, but has no patience for Eloenn’s obscure interests. She’d much rather explore the manor instead of wasting time bothering “Ellybore,” as she refers to Eloenn privately.

Ilsevel has always been Hasten’s favorite. Hasten is riveted by stories of Ilsevel’s adventures from before the family settled in Ashfell, and thinks Ilsevel’s metal arm is the coolest thing she’s ever seen. More recently, “Ser Durante,” as Hasten is required to call her during lessons, insisted that Hasten learn to defend herself against those who would wish her harm, and has been instructing her in both unarmed combat and the use of a dagger. Hasten looks up to Ilsevel as a role model and mentor.

The Durantes typically speak Elvish at home, so Hasten has started to pick up the language herself.

Hasten has some innate magical talent, as is natural for a tiefling, though she’s still working on controlling her powers. While Urser encourages her experimentation, the results of such can be somewhat trying on his nerves and he has had to ask Hasten to refrain from causing sudden loud thunderclaps while he’s trying to study. Hasten’s favorite tricks are changing her eyes in the mirror and manipulating candle flame. She’s getting better, but the nature of her power’s manifestation is still sometimes unexpected.

A few times, Urser has taken Hasten to the circus. She was completely enamored and secretly dreams of joining someday.


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