Sasha Stine

Blacksmith, Odd's "mom," throws people


Sasha Stine of Stine’s Smithy is a well-known blacksmith in Oldtown. She ran her shop with her husband Corvand until his untimely death. Corvand was the face and personality of Stine’s Smithy, drawing in the crowds and showing off the best of his wife’s work. After his death, Sasha couldn’t keep up the networking. When business dropped, she moved her store to the upper slums, where the upper lower class dwelt.

She has a reputation for being terse, stubborn, and rude. She is blunt and bold and has her own moral code. She gained a bad reputation after she threw a customer out of one of her windows.

Still, she makes enough money to get by, repairing swords for the guards and fixing farm tools. Her reputation tanked even more after she attempted to adopt Odd, though some passerby will investigate the shop after seeing one of his metal creations.

Sasha Stine

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