Truman Prescott

Callum's father, oblivious, super friendly tho


Truman is a dashing older gentleman with kind eyes, and easy smile, and refined tastes.


Truman Prescott is the father of Callum and husband to Eloise. The Prescott family has a long history in Ashfell, with some infamous ancestors. Truman is a good man who adheres to noble traditions. He married young to Eloise, his betrothed, though it’s a rumor that she was not interested in him at all. Bolstering that rumor is the fact that they had their son later than expected.

The Prescott Patriarch is a very friendly man, but devoid of personality. He likes drinking, reading, and partying. Despite his jovial demeanor, Truman does not spend much time with his son, preferring the company of other adults. Still, he keeps a tight leash on Callum, making sure his son is constantly being tutored and controlled. He has high hopes that Callum will lead the family to glory one day.

Truman Prescott

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