Haven is a refuge for Wyldlings located within the outer-most wall of Ashfell. In Haven, the rampant natural growth of the Greenwall has been tamed somewhat, though it is still heavily forested and moss blankets almost everything. A handful of carpenters and masons do what they can to keep the old stone buildings functional. The community is small enough that any two families are fairly likely to share a common relative somewhere in their ancestry.

Haven is as self-sufficient as possible, relying heavily on hunting, foraging, and a few hardy crops that can be grown within the confines of the forest and city ruins. They supplement their supplies by trading with Brightwater and occasionally even Oldtown for rarer items. Their main export is furs, taking advantage of their location within the outer-most circle of Ashfell and the fact that not many within the more “civilized” districts of Ashfell are willing to venture beyond the protected parts of the city.

Haven protects itself from the dangers of the Greenwall with its own patrols of rangers as well as a perimeter of talismans created by the wardcrafters.



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