The Wyldlings

It is said that the wyldlings are fey-touched. That is as far as common knowledge goes among most of civilized society – the wyldlings aren’t fully human, and therefore they aren’t worth concerning oneself with. Wyldling legend holds that they are descended from those mortals who participated in and were transformed by the Fae Lord Cernunnos’s Wyld Hunt, before the Dark Times.

The wyldlings themselves are mostly human in appearance, though they may share one or two traits with animals such as ears, retractable claws, antlers, or a tail. Due to their distinctive appearance and reputed connection to the Fae that can make the other races somewhat distrustful of them, they are often more comfortable in their own small communities. The Amberwoad Vale and other southern regions at one time tried to force the issue by strongly encouraging the wyldlings to settle solely in the Untamed Lands; however, approximately half a century ago a wyldling uprising successfully struck down this initiative. They still are not generally afforded equal rights by the regions nor are they found in positions of power, but their situation is slowly improving.

The Wyldlings in Ashfell

Wyldlings have long found a home in Ashfell, especially in the corner of the Greenwall district they call Haven.

The Wyldlings

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